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Hello Beckii Bloggers! It’s been a while.

I want to write today about my summer! My friend from Brighton, Liss, came to visit me for a few days. It was really nice, so I’ll tell you all about it!

(Who is Liss? She stalked me a bit after the doccumentary, and then we became friends! We first met up at MCM May 2011, and have been great friends since!)

On the first day it was really nice weather! We made brownies. They were very nice, we had no chocolate chips so we crushed up a chocolate bar, and it worked really nicely!

We also did BlogTV a lot that week, every evening. It was good fun, it’s nice to blog with a friend!

We watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony, but it was really long so we didn’t watch all of it, only the good parts.

The next day we went to Douglas and did some shopping, Liss bought a Hunger Games poster and I bought NEW JEANS.

We also went to the Wildlife Park! It’s basically the Isle of Man zoo. We met lots of animals and my obsession with ducks escaped a little bit (・_・;)

I’m quite into photography recently, so I asked Liss to model for me! We did two outfits, here are a few photos and you can visit my page here to see them all!

So after that we decided to make a dance video together. We learned Hare Hare Yukai in half a day and recorded it. It was so much fun to film it and make, so I hope you enjoy it!

I had a really lovely time, it was super nice seeing her again. 

In other news, I’ve started up a Daily Vlog channel! You can follow my adventures every day on

Thank you for reading!~

Beckii xxx

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Started Daily Vlogging!

Hello beckiibloggies <3

I’ve started to do daily vlogs!

You can view them all on my new dailyvlog channel, ''

Here’s the URL to the latest one!

DAILY VLOG #5 ♪~(´ε` ) : Shooting again!

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Anonymous said: Is your Jose Eber wand a 13mm one, a 19mm one or a 25 mm one? I wanted to know which one you use since I'm thinking of buying one of them.

Pretty sure it’s the 13mm one! I got it from Amazon, it was like £30 when I bought mine so they’ve gone up in price. The curls hold really well!

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Hair Tutorial: Bouncy Pin Curls

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♥ Tsukema Tsukeru by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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Anonymous said: Does learning and submitting dances ever feel more like a chore than a hobby?

No :( It’s my hobby and I love it. It just gets hard sometimes to find the time. I miss being a year 8 and having enough time to learn and upload a video in a week! Those were the days!

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Alternative fashion week
Designer - Faye de-Boorder part of Beckii Cruel’s new collection
Available to purchase here -


Alternative fashion week

Designer - Faye de-Boorder part of Beckii Cruel’s new collection

Available to purchase here -

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